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what to expect

Real talk, no fluff

From Questioning to Certainty: We dig into the real stuff that matters to you, guiding you from moments of uncertainty to a confident understanding of how to balance work, family, and faith.

balanced life strategies

From Chaos to Harmony: For dads who feel pulled in a million directions, we give you the tools to create a life that balances your career, family, and faith without dropping the ball on any of them.

interviews with like-minded leaders

From Lonely to Supported: We introduce you to Christian leaders who've been in your shoes. Hear how they've managed to blend faith, family, and career, and know you're not alone.

faith-fueled inspiration

From Lukewarm to Ablaze: No more going through the motions. We equip you with biblical insights and spiritual wisdom that will reignite your faith and provide a strong anchor in Christ.

Listener Q&A

Got lingering questions or doubts? We address them head-on in our monthly listerner Q&A sessions. Use this link DadMode Podcast Question Form to take you from confusion to clarity.

career and leadership development

From Aspirting to Inspiring: Your Christian Guide to Corporate Leadership. Our Career and Leadership Development segment provides the strategies and spiritual insights you need to climb the corporate ladder without losing sight of your Christian values.

family connection

From Strained to Strengthened: Building Faith-Filled Family Bonds. Family always comes first, but sometimes life gets in the way. Our Family Connection segment is designed to help you strengthen the most important relationships in your life through the lens of faith.

Episode Breakdown

🎙 Weekly Episodes, 30-60 minutes long every Thursday at 2pm CST.

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Special episodes featuring guest interviews, book reviews, and more

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