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Above: Meet my family—the people who inspire me every day. Together, we're on a lifelong journey of faith, love, and constant learning.

Master Faith, Family, and Leadership
with DadMode: God, Grit, Goals



Hey there, fellow dads! Feel like you're dropping the juggling balls of career, kids, and Christ? Take a deep breath. You’re not in this alone. DadMode: God, Grit, Goals is your playbook to living a balanced, faith-led life.

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Say goodbye to mundane commutes and hello to DadMode: God, Grit, Goals—your mobile academy for mastering faith-based, family-centric, and fulfilling leadership. This isn't just another podcast; it's a movement tailored for Christian dads in their 30s and up. Already launched and ready to roll, tune in to turn your daily drive into a roadmap for spiritual and personal growth. Subscribe today and elevate your leadership, one enlightening episode at a time!

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I’ve got 30 years of leadership wisdom and enough dad jokes to keep you smiling through the grind. Not to mention a long-lasting marriage, six adult kids, and four grandkids. I've walked the highs and lows of career and family, and I can't wait to guide you through your journey.

Balance work & Family god's way

Feeling torn between the office and family dinners? You're not alone, but there is a way out. Through my coaching, we'll transition you from being "stressed and spread thin" to "focused and faith-filled."

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Holy Time Management: Instead of feeling swamped, master the divine art of allocating time efficiently for both work and family, without compromising your commitment to either.

Faith-Focused Choices: Move from constant inner turmoil to making daily decisions that align with Christian values, creating harmony in both work and family life.

Grace in the Chaos: Learn the art of maintaining your peace in the midst of life's storms, anchored in faith and focused on God's plan.

Get the balance right to be an attentive father, a loving husband, and a proficient leader, all while honoring God in everything you do.

CHALLENGES through faith

Feel like you're just surviving day-to-day battles at work and at home? You don't have to. Let's elevate you from "struggling" to "triumphant" with faith as your guide.

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Divine Problem-Solving: Transition from feeling trapped by obstacles to applying God-led solutions that elevate both your career and family dynamics.

Redeeming Your Setbacks: Switch from viewing challenges as setbacks to seeing them as God-ordained opportunities for growth and testimony.

Spiritual Support Squad: Go from feeling isolated in hard times to establishing a steadfast, faith-driven support network.

Challenges are God's way of refining us. With faith as your compass, turn these stumbling blocks into stepping stones, enriching your roles as a Christian, a husband, a dad, and a leader.

Lead with faith & family first

It's not just about being the boss; it's about leading in a way that honors God, supports your family, and fosters a positive work environment. Ready to evolve from a manager to a spiritual leader who makes an eternal impact? My coaching can guide you through this transformative journey.

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Why settle for being 'just the boss' when you can be a spiritual leader? Here's what my coaching can offer you:

Divinely-Inspired Decisions: Move beyond simply calling the shots to making choices that reflect God's wisdom and align with your team's higher purpose.

Heart-Centered Leadership: Transition from a hierarchical mindset to one of compassionate authority, mirroring Jesus' teachings on love and empathy.

Eternal Goals Over Temporary Targets: Shift your focus from solely hitting KPIs to setting and achieving objectives that have both earthly and heavenly significance.

Cultivate a Team United in Faith: Transform a collection of individuals into a cohesive unit bound by Christian principles and mutual respect.

By the end of our journey together, you won’t just be a better leader; you’ll be someone who inspires and guides with a Christ-centered, family-focused ethos.

🌟 What People Are Saying

"Mike helps his clients build their own success..."

David Johnson
VP Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo

"Mike is a creative, Christian businessman with a talent of bringing people and ideas together. After achieving his own successes early in life, now Mike helps his clients build their own success. I have worked with Mike in several capacities that always come out a winner."

"...Mike gives you the tools necessary for you to succeed, and gets out of the way."

Abel Rios
Senior Director of Engineering at Stack Sports

"There are leaders you are willing to follow into battle, and there are leaders you are willing to take a bullet for. Mike is the latter. These types of leaders are the ones who fight with you, and groom you to be the best that you can. Mike gives you the tools necessary for you to succeed, and gets out of the way."

"Mike has a rare combination of humility, integrity, humor, and intelligence..."

Brett Fadeley
CEO & Chairman at Breca Capital

"Mike's ability to navigate and overcome challenges in his own business and help others with their strategies was amazing and fun to watch. Mike has a rare combination of humility, integrity, humor and intelligence that collectively make him a great leader. I worked along side Mike as he grew Tech Source from startup to $25MM in sales and had the pleasure of being part of the team who ultimately helped him sell that business."

"He had been my mentor... and was key to recommending that I take over the presidency."

Selwyn Henriques
President & CEO Eizo Rugged Solutions, Inc.

"I worked with Mike for over 10 years. He is an excellent leader, with an excellent vision and business acumen. He had been my mentor during his tenure at Tech Source and helped me develop from engineering to management. He was the Chairman of the board for several years and was key to recommending that I take over the presidency."

"Mike is exceptional at breaking down and identifying your main targets or goals."

JP Volk
Owner, J Patrick Diamonds Inc.

"I confided in Mike to help me structure my business life. Being a family man and one man show in running a successful business requires complete and efficient use of your time in order to grow.  Mike is exceptional at breaking down and identifying your main targets or goals. If you are like I was trying to succeed in your business and realize in order to grow or take it to the next level I highly recommend Mike and his system"

Why You Can Trust Me

proven leadership strategies

Benefit from decades of mission-driven leadership. I provide real-world solutions that will resonate with your work and home life.


Tap into wisdom rooted in years of pastoral service and a lifetime commitment to the Christian faith. Spiritual guidance you can count on, every step of the way.

Tedx insights that transform lives

If you caught my TEDx talk, you know it's not just about overcoming life's obstacles with grit and grace—it's about strategies proven to transform your faith, family, and career. With DadMode or my coaching, you get an in-depth extension of those game-changing insights.

Family-centered wisdom

Navigate the balance of family and work life with tried-and-true advice. Because if it's worked for my family of six adults and four grandkids, it can work for yours.


Hey, we've all been at that crossroads—the place where life's challenges and God's promises meet. So what's it gonna be? Will you stay in the comfort zone, or are you ready to trust God and take that leap of faith with me? Your journey to a more fulfilling, faith-driven life is just a click away.

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